Guillaume Lois

Founder - CEO

In 2011 Guillaume co-founded BrandStorm HBC, a company dedicated to  the Natural Supplements, Homeopathic and Health & Body Care categories. With 25+ years of  experience in Homeopathic and Natural products, he curated a portfolio of innovative brands looking for a retail presence in the US market. 

In 2018, Guillaume launched HBC Naturals as sole owner to pursue his goal to pioneer new brands and categories, and to keep bringing Innovations to Market:

From the first Lactose-Free Homeopathic Single Remedies, to the first Beet Juice Shot or the first Vegan/Vegetarian Organic Gummies Supplements, HBC Naturals has been listening to consumers' concern about chemical-based medicine. 

"I believe that everything is connected and that is why I keep looking for authentic ingredients helping our body trigger its natural system of healing. That is why we pride ourselves on offering alternatives that are free of synthetic chemical and meet the increasing demand for Natural, Safe, Organic and lactose-free products for those with dietary restrictions or who choose to refrain from consuming animal products. HBC Naturals offers a Natural Way to Better Health”"