Jet Lag Prevention Homeopathic  Medicine

JetZone® homeopathic jet lag remedy was developed to help prevent jet lag in-flight safely without side effects. 

  • 100% Natural Homeopathic Travel Medicine
  • Uniquely Formulated to Prevent Jet Lag
  • Chewable and Pleasant Tasting Tablets
  • Free of Interactions & Side Effects

30 Tablets for 2 International Round Trips/48 Hours of Flying Time

JetZone® does not contain the hormone melatonin which can make jet lag worse. Melatonin can induce nightmares, make you groggy and/or produce a hangover. It is not safe to take sleeping pills or melatonin while traveling and flying right next to strangers.

  • Easy to Use – No Water Needed
  • Safe & Effective
  • No Melatonin or Sleeping Drugs
  • Your Travel Health Necessity!

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Disclaimer: These Homeopathic medicines have been traditionally used for many years to help improve the symptoms respectively described. They have not been reviewed by the FDA or any government agency and are not guaranteed to be effective. A dilution of an active ingredient in a Homeopathic medicine may not be susceptible to scientific measure.